At Slenderpane we have never been concerned about fair competition, relying on our service and quality of units.

However it has become apparent that there are a number of rogue traders manufacturing low sightline DGUS. They have been exposed as committing the following scams and are still trading. Some are well know in this industry. They are often identified by quoting suspiciously low prices.

They are employing various scams to keep prices artifically low including the following:

  • Charging for Krypton Gas filled units and supplying units with no gas fill
  • Charging for gassed units and underfilling the units
  • Quoting incorrect ‘U’ values – claiming better values with cheaper gas fill
  • Claiming to be accredited to manufacture low sightlines DGUS
    It is not legal to manufacture low sightline units using accreditation for standard DGUS
  • Not honouring warranties or employing get out clauses

Apart from defrauding the end user it puts the window supplier in a vulnerable position for supplying inferior and misleading products.

For your protection ensure that your supplier is accredited for low sightlines. Check what gas they are quoting against the ‘U’value they are claiming. If in doubt of the gas fill we can arrange for your units to be tested.

The Reasons To Use Slenderpane

(Incorporate accredited units into your products for peace of mind and submit the true cost to the end user)

1. Slenderpane have full accreditation to manufacture low sightline units so you can rest assured that your products will comply.
2. Warranties will be honoured.
3. We will always advise on ‘U’ values. They are specified on every quote and DGUS will always have the correct gas and amount of fill.
4. We will provide enough administration staff to deal with any queries or issues that you may have. You can always speak to a person during working hours.
5. It is difficult to attain accreditation for low sightlines DGUS. A higher skill level and stricter controls are required than for standard DGUS. We employ additional supervising and quality control staff to accommodate this.