Due to a world shortage of Krypton gas the price is due to increase again by 17% in the new year which will have a significant effect on the cost of krypton filled units.

Currently our quotes are only valid until 31st December 2022.
If your project extends into the new year, although some items will only be increasing by 2%, please allow for an overall increase of a maximum of 12%. Our new price list will be issued in December.

There are a number of ways of helping to minimise the impact of this price increase.

      * Use argon gas instead of krypton where ‘u’ value is not critical *
      * Only use toughened when required by building regulations *
      * Use black spacer. White is more expensive *
      (Our six largest customers all use nothing but black spacer. It works well with slim units)
      * Where ‘u’ value is important, maintain slim sightlines but use slightly thicker units this will require less krypton *

          • 12mm 1.9 ‘u’ value is more expensive that 14mm 1.9 ‘u’ value
          • 14mm 1.5 ‘u’ value is more expensive than 16mm 1.5 ‘u’ value

We would be pleased to assist in providing the most cost effective units for your projects.