Edgetech Super Spacer and Heritage Spacer

At Slenderpane we use a Super Spacer from Edgetech that is thermally efficient and allows for slimmer sight lines in our slim doubled glazed units (Slimlite).

Standard windows use a highly conductive metal spacer bar to hold the two panes of glass apart, which sucks heat from inside to the outside. Super Spacer introduces no-metal warm edge technology to windows, helping to deliver windows of the highest standards. Super Spacer® is a no-metal, pre-desiccated, structural foam spacer system.

Windows using Super Spacers achieve the highest Window Energy Ratings from the British Fenestration Ratings Council, allowing every step of the supply chain to win more business.

Most traditional timber windows include slim glazing bars. This creates problems for standard aluminium spacer bars which protrude into the sight line of the window. Super Spacer has a lower sight line which eradicates the problem.

Sightline for thin double glazed units