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There are two sides to what we do,” says Slenderpane & Herald Joinery Managing Director, David Weston. “We make slim double glazed window units and we make traditional sash windows and we are happy to supply either, trade or retail.

“At Slenderpane we manufacture and sell our double glazed sealed units to the building trade and to retail customers all over the UK. They may be installed as replacement glazing in existing doors and windows, or used in completely new frames to make up new units as in our Herald Joinery windows.”

The slim double glazed units are manufactured to order, at Slenderpane’s premises in Haddenham, Buckinghamshire.

They incorporate the latest technology including black, ‘warm edge’ superspacers, so when glazed into windows or doors, visually they are virtually impossible to distinguish from single-glazed units, but produce much lower heat loss values that comply with current building regulations.

Slim Double Glazed Window UnitsWhen refurbishing a period building in a conservation area, the aim is usually to retain the elegant appearance of single-glazing with fixed narrow glazing bars, while enhancing thermal and sound insulation and Slenderpane provides the ideal solution.

Dave Weston has many years experience in the construction industry. He is a qualified Quantity Surveyor with experience in commercial joinery and property development: “I set up Slenderpane because when buying in glazing for the windows frames we made, we couldn’t get the right glazed units, so we set up Slenderpane and now make the complete product ourselves, to ensure the quality and reliability of our sash windows.”

“More recently we have begun installing our windows too, so we now have our own fitting team. Keeping it all in-house makes it much easier to ensure our products and services are of the highest quality.”

Different types of glass are available to meet your needs – soft-coated Planitherm glass for enhanced thermal insulation, laminated glass for security, acoustic glass for noise reduction, solar control glass to reduce
furniture fading.

The cavity within a Slenderpane unit is smaller than on a standard double-glazed unit, so the heavy inert gases Krypton and Xenon are sealed between the panes to achieve the thermal values required and help reduce noise transference. To hold the two panes of glass apart standard windows use a highly conductive metal spacer bar, which sucks heat from the inside to the outside. In their slim double-glazed units Slenderpane use a Super Spacer® – a ‘warm edge’ foam spacer system that is thermally efficient and allows for slimmer sight lines.

“We have a lot of clients from conservation areas,” says Dave. “Where they are required to install wood units rather than plastic and want to have thin bars to be in keeping with the existing architecture. We do a lot of work on Victorian properties in London. We can supply a single unit to match existing units or we may be called upon to replace several or all windows, to improve not only thermal insulation and energy efficiency but also sound insulation and condensation problems.

Using Planitherm energy saving glass with advanced coatings to retain warmth in the home whilst capturing heat from natural sunlight, Slenderpane units can achieve U values of 1.3, which although not as low as some thicker units, is amazing considering the slimness of the units and well within current building regulation.

“We may not be the cheapest option but if you are looking for a top quality product, you won’t find better value or service. We can usually give a rough idea of cost over the phone and if it’s in the right ball park we will then do a site visit and a detailed quotation.” Dave and the team will also project manage each customer order, from initial consultation to completion.

For more information on Slenderpane’s thin double glazed units call 01844 291111.

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