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There is a worldwide shortage of glass and consequently the prices are being substantially increased. In particular toughened glass which has risen by 20%.

We have maintained our prices for as long as possible but are now forced to implement some increases. In order to give the most cost-effective service, we have kept the increases to a minimum and to defray some of the cost, we have considerably reduced some items. We have applied a small increase to annealed units and our heritage units (6mm sightline) have been reduced by up to 10%. We have also reduced our Georgian leaded units by 20%.


K (Hardcoat Glass)

Hardcoat glass, due to its inferior thermal efficiency, is being phased out and is more expensive than the softcoat alternative. We will continue to offer Hardcoat as an alternative which will be priced at the same rate as softcoat.


Due to a shortage of Xenon gas, the prices have risen drastically. We will continue to offer this as an option, but it is becoming economically unviable. Lower “U” values can be achieved by the use of the latest high performance low E glasses such as “Planitherm One”.

Delivery is still FREE for orders over 100 units and we have introduced significantly lower delivery costs to certain post code areas due to our new delivery fleet.

Thank you to all our customers now using our Quick Quote form. We have had generous positive feedback, in particular, regarding the specification tips attached to the form.

Contact Slenderpane for further information at 01844 292779 or or use our website Quick Quote Form.

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