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Toughened glass in 8 daysIt’s quick and easy to use and is guaranteed to speed up your standard orders and quotes. For all standard orders we aim to get back to you with a quote within 4 hours and for all orders within 1 business day.

Please be aware the Warranty is only valid where installed by a professional trades person.

Payment in full is required at the time of order confirmation for all purchases under £500.

Please be aware that we are now back to our normal production timetable so once you have confirmed your order we aim to deliver in 7 working days for annealed and 12 working days for toughened.

For information on Slenderpane’s glazing guidelines, warranty and our Quick Quote Form please download our Information Pack .

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For any special glass units that you require, please give us a call:

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Planitherm Low E glass
Low Iron Glass


Please complete the form as carefully as possible so that we can respond quickly.

(This is the make up e.g. 4/4/4: inner and outer pane 4mm, spacer 4mm giving overall thickness of 12mm.)
10mm Can't be toughened. Can't have low "E" glass so very poor "U" value. NOT RECOMMENDED
11mm - Can only be toughened one side.


Glass Type
Softcoat Low E - Best "U" value. RECOMMENDED
Hardcoat Low E - Becoming redundant. Lower "U" value and no longer cheaper than softcoat.
No Low E - Very poor "U" value. NOT RECOMMENDED

Softcoat Low EHardcoat Low ENo Low E

Spacer Colour
(Black/White - 6,7,8,9 & 11mm / Grey Spacer (only 9 & 11 mm).
White is more expensive.


(What you see from the left hand side of the unit, where the glass sits on the rebate. Rebate needs to be 1.5mm larger that the sightline.)
6mm - One year guarantee on toughened. White more expensive.
6mm - 3 year guarantee on annealed. White more expensive.
7mm - 10 year guarantee on annealed and toughened. Black recommended. White more expensive.
9mm - 10 year guarantee on annealed and toughened. Less expensive version of white.
11mm - 10 year guarantee on annealed and toughened.


Argon Gas - Will give a very poor "U" value in a slim unit. NOT RECOMMENDED. OK for thicker units 20mm+
Krypton Gas - Good "U" value and economic RECOMMENDED
No Gas - Will give very poor "U" value. NOT RECOMMENDED
(Krypton with Planitherm Low E Coated glass. Argon Gas is cheaper.)

KryptonArgonNo Gas

Toughened Glass
Toughened glass is more expensive than annealed and, due to the toughening process is renowned for problems of warping, scratches and imperfections. The delivery period for toughened is longer than for annealed units.

We are currently not able to offer toughened glass with a 6mm sightline, 6mm sightline is only available with annealed glass at present.

SAFETY MARKINGS - Toughened units require safety makings. This can be a KITE MARK which is placed in a corner, not necessarily the same corner or a LINE LOGO which runs along the edge and is hardly visible. We can also provide a certificate.)

It is well worth only ordering toughened strictly when it is needed to reduce costs. (Please give us a call for guidance).We aim to despatch Toughened Glass within 12 working days and Annealed Glass within 7 working days of receiving your order.

ToughenedNon Toughened

Delivery or Collection
Standard delivery £85.00 boxed on pallet with insured specialist courier throughout mainland UK.
Free nationwide delivery on orders over a hundred units.
For 24kg and under delivery is £40.


For non-account customers payment of the deposit is required prior to production. Payment details will be issued on your quote. Please include Quote Number when making payment, if possible.

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